Montag, 21. März 2011

New week, early spring!

The weather was awesome today! I had about 15°C here, what about you?

Vienna was great, but the weather was shit ... raining all day on Friday, Saturday was freaking cold. But it's a cool city, really beautiful. And the trip was really cheap, only 30€ for travelling and 30€ for two nights in the hostel.

Not so cheap: alcohol and Mc Donald's...

Solution for the weekend riddle: The horse was going in circles


  1. I think central Europe isn't cheap at all.

  2. it really depends on the country. in the czech republic, alcohol is really really really cheap (0.5l beer for ~1€). in germany it's about 2.50-3€ for 0.5, in france it's 5€ for 0.2l